CVS Express


Product Design

I create kiosk for unmanned pharmacy through branding on the pill packaging and prescription tracker.

Everyone has needed medication at some point in their life. People have had problems reaching their pharmacies, doctors and hospitals in order to get their right prescriptions in the right time. Slow progress in pharmacies has been an issue for a long peirod of time; therefore, people were complaining and writing about it and I suggesting solution to this problem.

Direction: Hoshi Ludwig

CVS / pharmacy

CVS / express

After care from doctor

Doctor asks to patient how to get medication

If patient wants pick up, ask to patient where to pick up

Provide different services depending on each patients

People who already have CVS app

Currently, a few people using it, more than 80% of people willingness to use this service.

People who don't have app

More than 60% of people did not have CVS app. And, they didn't know exactly what app is.

People who use non-smartphone

According to research, 18% of the mobile market still uses a feature phone. They should be able to use it.

People who prefer analog

More than 42% of seniors have smart phone or any kind. They say that it is easy to handle paper doc.

CVS Express Kiosk

CVS Express provides 24/7 service to selected people who need new medication or refill.

High security, low accessibility.

It is super simple and fast, it is also ensure high security.

Easy Accessibility for the Disabled.

According to the research, the percetage of people with disabilities who visit is higher than ordinary people.